Eating Out in Delhi

indian-thali-classic1You certainly won’t starve in Delhi as there are eateries all over the city from old restaurants and food stalls by the Walled City to the fashionable restaurants in five star hotels. A wide range of meals are available including southern Indian, northern Indian and international cuisine. Finding a restaurant with the right ambiance is also not a problem because of the numerous restaurants scattered all over the capital city.

For some tasty Mughlai food, head to Jama Masjid and Nizamuddin where kebabs, rotis and biriyani are easily available. There are also many food vendors here so it’s a good place to visit for a cheap and tasty meal. You will find a few restaurants serving excellent mughali and frontier cuisine. The Dlhi Ka Aangan at the Hyatt Regency, the Gulati Restaurant and Pandara Market, Angeethi at Asiad Village and the Degchi at the Regal Building all serve delicious Mughlai dishes.

Chinese cuisine is served at almost every five star hotel in the city. The food is tasty but a little expensive and leaves you thirsty. The Regal Building is known for its specialty restaurants, moderate prices and great ambiance. The Hauz Khaz village serves both Thai and Japanese cuisine while Tibetan food can be enjoyed near Chanakya Theatre.

The local cuisine of Delhi is derived from specialties from all over India’s northern states. Visitors should savor a whole host of different types of sweet and savory meals and snacks. AgraTandoori chicken and tandoori roti are also favorites and must be tried.

Much of the food cooked in this region is less spicy than that found in the southern parts as the ingredients are quite different. Food cooked in the northern parts of India use a lot of yogurt and sugar. The curries are thick and have a spicy sweet taste to them.